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Yes. Our Nova laser systems come preset and tested through our quality assurance program. Thunder Laser machines come with a water chiller, air compressor, exhaust fan, tool box with all accessories needed to set up and run.

As long as you know how to design jobs in graphic software, it just takes a few hours for you to become a master of laser machine. You just need to do some tests to know what speed and power is good for different materials. Since we’ve provided some of the parameter library, it will save you more time.

Please watch this video directly to learn the detail 17-How to Send File to Machine

No, our laser machine can do both cutting and engraving very well. You just need one machine for both kinds of jobs.

yes, every machine will wear. However, you don’t have to worry about that. The machine will be working normally at least 2-5 years. After that, you may need to change the parts. And all the parts can be replaced. We will charge at a fair price.

Higher watt tube with more power can cut thicker materials, or we can say, for cutting same material, higher watt tube can achieve faster speed. However, theoretically speaking, the lower watt tube with smaller laser power, which is better for engraving. Usually we suggest 40-80 for engraving, 100-130w for cutting.

Yes, we have maximum 130watt laser power for your choice.

the standard model is 10CM diameter, for the detail

The standard focus lens is 2”; there is 4″ for your choice.

Shorter focus lens will have smaller final beam diameter. That’s why it is better for engraving good quality photos. And longer focus lens is better for cutting thicker materials.

For a laser with less than 80W and clean engraving jobs I would recommend the Silicon-Mirrors because they have the best reflectivity (>99%). For a laser who is doing very dirty work (cutting wood 8 hours a day) or working with aggressive chemicals I would recommend the Molybdenum-Mirror. The reflection coating (there is no coating, the Molybdenum is just polished) is very resistant and can get cleaned very easily. Even if the reflectivity is only at 98.5%, the Mo-Mirror is almost unbreakable.

Yes. We have Open flap protection switch, the laser will stop working if you open the front cover. Water protection, Laser will stop working if the water cooling system is not working normal. Emergency stop, Turn off the machine immediately when there’s accident happen. Alarm Lamp, show the work state and tell when the job is done. Heat Alarm detector, the laser machine will warming with loudly voice if cutting material catch fire.

There’s an exhaust fan comes with the machine.

Yes, Red dot laser pointer is standard feature of all Nova machines.

The normal color of the laser beam is purple while working. When a tube is dying, the color will become white.

Usually, the power of the tube is decided by two parameters:
1. The length of the tube, the longer the tube is the more powerful.
2. The diameter of the tube, the bigger the tube is the more powerful.

No, we don’t suggested that. A more powerful supply may damage the laser tube.

No need.

There are two ways to adjust the focus.
1) You can adjust the laser head manually How to manual adjust focus distance

Yes, the co2 tube is controlled by the power supply. And the power supply is controlled by the controller. And you can set the power rating easily in the software.

High resolution Attachment will make the laser dot smaller, thus you can have much better engraving is used to engrave extremely high quality photos.

For the engraving distance, With standard 2″ laser head, the distance between laser head and material is 5mm-6.5mm. If cutting thick material and 6mm distance does not give a good result, you can try adjusting the distance down to about 5mm. For details, please contact with our tech person.

For cutting some thick materials, it is correct. But when engraving on some materials, it’s better to use less powerful air pressure.

The normal life tube of a laser tube is about 2500-4000 hours according to how you use it.

TYes, footstand of desktop laser machine is an option. We will take it apart for shipping and you can set it up with screw later on.

Here’s the size information of Nova machine: Usually it’s suggested to leave about 200mm space for the backside to install the exhaust pipe. For the other sides, need about 100mm for each, but when you need to replace the parts of the machine, please move it out to a wide place.

The USB connection is on the right side of the machine, please have a look at the pic.

Yes, we have pass-through door design for our machine: Pass- Through Door Design

You have to replace a new tube when it’s no longer working. It’s not cost-efficient to recharging a co2 glass tube.

Usually we will pack it well and it’s seldom out of alignment, Once it happens, we have video and lesson to guiding you how to align the laser beam:

If the beam is a small round dot, then it is perfect, but in fact, most of the beam are close to round dot.

If you just realign the parts without reading our technical lesson or guiding video, It’s unsafe indeed even you wear laser safety glasses, However, if you realign them by following our lesson and video step by step, It’s not so dangerous, And to make it safer, you can wear a pair of laser safety glasses, Please note the most important thing is: familiar with the process of lesson and video.

No unsafe materials, and yes, they can be disposed of safety.

According to our customers’ feedback, life for the belts should be at least 3-5year.
When you find it is loose, you can adjust it by reading our user manual and watch guiding video:

Yes, machine will get dirty after using for a period time,
Then you should clean and maintain it frequently.
For how to clean the machine and make maintenance,
Please read our user manual from page 47-56.’s_manual_for_NOVA24.pdf

For cutting thick material (usually more than 10mm), 4″ lens is good for getting a more straight/smooth edge, but it does not mean you can cut more depth.

For exhausting the air outside,
standard length for the hoses is about 6m
is it ok for you?
if not, can you please tell me how long do you need?
I think we can offer special hoses to you,
for outputting the air,
it’s depend on your material,
if you use the laser for cutting wood/acrylic/leather/fabric, etc.,
it’s ok, no dangerous, but some or less smell I think.
and material like PVC/Vinyl contains chlorine are not suggested to cut with laser.
(its fume dangerous for human health and will corrode the machine.)


Please find below link for how to move the laser cutter into your house, thanks.

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