Material Application

Yes and no.
Our laser machines can engrave on anodized metal and painted metal directly.
But it cannot engrave on bare metal directly. (This laser can only engrave on a few parts of bare metals directly by using the HR attachment at a very low speed) If you need to engrave on bare metal, we would suggest you to use thermark spray.

Max cutting thickness for acrylic: 40watt:10mm
100watt: 20mm
130watt: 25mm

Yes, our laser engrave 3D, like relief.
See below video:
3D Laser Engraving

No, for cutting metal, you will need at least 200watt laser.
We only focus on cutting non-metals at present.
However, by using a thermark spray. Our laser can also engrave on metals.

Yes, please download from below link directly

Yes, we can cut POM. Please tell us the thickness, we will recommend you a well machine.

For the workable materials, please learn the details from our website: Home

Please do not cut any material containing chlorine like PVC, Vinyl, etc. and other toxic material.
when heated releases chlorine gas.
This gas is toxic and poses a health risk as well as being very corrosive and harmful to your laser.


Yes, normally cast acrylic is better than extruding acrylic for laser processing.

We didn’t test for engraving photos on metal with Thermark before,

and according to our experience, we think it should be not so good,
as you know metal become black after engrave with laser,
for engraving word, logo and simple pattern, it’s good to see it clear,
however, for engraving photos, I am afraid it’s hard to get a gray scale photo .

Yes, Anodized Aluminum is the best material for engraving photos.
and Color Anodized Aluminum is the best among the Anodized Aluminum sheets.
then Acrylic, ABS is also very good if you have a good quality ABS,
(ABS is a kind of plastic, some ABS will be bend after heat by laser).

No, our laser(co2 laser) can only engrave on surface of material/glass/crystal

Yes, you can do more than one cut, but usually it’s not suggested to cut twice. Most of the time, one cut will get the best cutting quality.

The material we paste on glass is just a kind of common tissue paper,
since it help us to get a more smooth surface, (no so much rag)
it’s ok, you really needn’t worry about the paper, you just need to make it wet,
and then paste on the surface of glass you want to engrave.
for Thermark, yeah, it’s useful for engraving on metal,
and after you get the laser job down, you can tear the Thermark off,
(there’re 3 types of Thermark, you can visit their website if you like to learn more)
then you can get a clear pattern/words on metal.


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