LNZ custom design

Case Study Details
Client Name:
Lindsay Reuter
Laser Model:
Major Business:
Furniture decoration/gift shop/jewelry/watch
Year Completed:
Company Profile:
My name is Lindsay and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I believe that when you add the right accessory to your wardrobe or even room decor, it can be the bright spot of your day that puts a smile on your face. A snarky word on your earrings may be the confidence boost you needed or just an inside joke you keep to yourself. These are the types of items included in my shop, things that give me this same joy when I make them.

Who We Are

Where do you all get additional lenses and mirrors from? I’ve gotten over 200 earring orders in the past few days after my tiktok video went viral and I don’t want to risk not having a backup just in case. It looks like thunder is out of stock, so was hoping to find somewhere with equal/better quality but fast turn around time. Thank you!!

ps. I have a nova 35 80watt if that makes a difference 😁 

She’s here 35/80! We had the power installed, crate is opened, accessories are out, and I’m getting emotionally ready to move her into my office. But I wanted to see if anyone has done it this way or if we are a little crazy 😄

So, has anyone used an engine hoist to move their laser???

Here the plan, we are going to take the base off the laser in the garage, use the engine hoist and ratchet straps to lift the top part of the laser. Manipulate the ratchet straps so that the laser has the narrow side angled correctly. Then roll the hoist over to the bottom of the the the 4 stair staircase crank it up and push the bottom of the hoist under the bottom stair so that the laser can be put on the hallway floor. Then bring the hoist inside and roll it across the hall into the office & put her back together. Pictures of the stairs/hallway and hoist… so on a scale of great to terrible idea, what do you guys think??

Laser Comparison Shopping Guide — LNZ Custom Design

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Contact Us

103, Bukhang-ro 193beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

인천시 서구 북항로193번길 103

보드테크앤다비드 (썬더레이저코리아)

Tel : 032-508-1210, 032-584-8270

Email: dmtsaels@davids.co.kr